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Stakeholders review draft of first Seychelles Environment Outlook report

PS Wills AgricoleNation 9. 08. 13 - Key stakeholders concerned with environment preservation, conservation, management and other related issues met yesterday to discuss and review the draft of a first Seychelles Environment Outlook (SEO) report.

Work on the draft of the report started in September last year and it has been developed and funded under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-Global Environmental Facility (GEF).

The objective of the SEO is to provide information on the state of the environment assessment, monitoring and reporting in the Seychelles, help identify national environmental concerns and highlight policy priorities and solicit feedback from key stakeholders for subsequent review.

A programme coordinator from the UNDP-GEF and a consultant and team leader Andrew Grieser Johns and S. Raaymakers respectively led the drafting of the report which also involved different Seychellois authors. The project was managed by Annike Faure.

The two men led discussions during yesterday’s workshop which was aimed at getting stakeholders’ comments on the different chapters before its final adoption.

Launching the day-long discussions, Environment principal secretary Wills Agricole said the report is based on existing published reports, documents and data available for the Seychelles, as well as inputs from institutions and professionals throughout the country.

He noted that additional input was provided through the circulation of a first draft of the report for comments.
“Although many national-level and some regional-level reports exist, very little has been published that examines the environmental issues affecting Seychelles in an integrated manner. It is therefore hoped that this report will make a valuable contribution to sustainable development planning in Seychelles,” Mr Agricole noted.

He pointed out that the analysis produced as a result of this report may also provide another opportunity for Seychelles as a Small Island Developing State to revisit and refocus its national and regional priorities with regard to the programming of development assistance it receives from various donors.

“Therefore, to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable development within Seychelles and the region, priority will have to be given to the development of economically sound and environmentally beneficial technologies and practices, particularly in the areas of transportation (less polluting, higher efficiency vehicles), waste and pollution management, toxic chemical disposal, and land and natural resource management,” Mr Agricole pointed out.

The SEO working group

He added that one of the most critical issues for Seychelles is the inability at times, to respond to these issues promptly and therefore, we have to continue to develop effective appropriate technical and institutional capacity. It is also important to note that many of the emerging issues identified are influenced by factors and concerns that are externally induced or global in nature.

“So, the Seychelles First Environment Outlook is an integrated assessment of the state and trends of key environmental resources, including land, freshwater, marine and coastal resources, biodiversity etc.,” noted Mr Agricole.

Furthermore it is expected that the SOE will provide a baseline from which national environmental progress could be assessed.
The report could be reviewed every three to five years using this first issue as a benchmark.


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