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Grid-Connected Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems Project (PV Project)

Seychelles is almost 100% reliant on imported oil for its energy needs, which is of significant economic and budgetary cost and the single largest contributor of greenhouse gases in the country. Fuel demand continues to increase as a result of continued expansion of the electricity distributing system, the rising standard of living and increased foreign investment projects.  Seychelles has great potential in replacing some of the current oil-generated electricity with solar energy systems.

Expected Outcome
The project aim is to increase the use of grid-connected rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems as a sustainable means of generating electricity, with the following three main components: Policy strategies and legal framework; strengthening of the technology support; and delivery system as well as PV demonstration projects. 

The project is implemented in close collaboration with the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) and Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC), and it is expected that this will create a market for PV systems in the country.

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