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When Google released it's top ten travel-related questions from 2014 ‘How do I start a travel blog?' was number three. I love Shabby Chic everything, but I go with the backgrounds, I have tried templates before and found that I had to many problems with them so now I just use backgrounds, for one of my blogs I use a crinkle paper and for the other one I wanted to give a shabby come decoupage look so it has a newspaper background. The social and responsible travel blog category features blogs that provide tips, guides, and travel experiences to help individuals minimize their impact by connecting with the local environment, whether through volunteering, sustainable acts, or slow travelling.

Whether focused on pumping the adrenaline, lifestyle blogging ideas on local food or on travel strictly limited for couples like Dave and Deb of PlanetD who undertook an adventure in the jungle that helped solidify their fragile marriage and ever since turned into save-relationships-through-travel evangelists, specialization is of paramount importance. One of the plus points about this travel writer's blog is that it is ad-free (except for Amazon links) which makes it a very clean-cut blog to look at.

This is a good blog to watch if you're into food related travel, the blog is on the MSN list of top travel blogs. Travel blogging is a baby in terms of media, and most of the time we all have to work together as ambassadors for the business, showing people that bloggers are both valuable and are worth investing in. Whenever I work with someone, I make a point to exceed expectations and do the best I possibly can in the hopes that it will open doors for both me and other bloggers in the future.

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